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Ridehere-Ridenow focuses its conscious activities mainly on the areas of sustainability / future-proofness, sports and health, awareness & empowerment (ecological, social / political and economic issues / connections) and the establishment of a counterbalance against the dangers for our world.

Our vision is a beautiful and safe homeland with intact nature in a world with a future. Our mission is contributing to the achievement of this vision with our various activities.

We are offering keynotes, presentations, workshops, coaching & consulting in all these areas.

Please find interesting reports about our activities in our Blog - a quick look at the blog entries is probably the best possibility to see what Ridehere-Ridenow is about, with the option of getting detailed information by clicking the links.

The company and the association Ridehere-Ridenow are working together in many areas.

Sports & Sustainability

Especially in (outdoor) sports, an activity that fosters conscious actions in the here and now and makes us think about (and feel) ourselves and our environment, there is a lot of interest in sustainability. Unfortunately it is not always easy to transfer this interest into action - simply because it is not easy to get the necessary information and offers. This is where we want to step in!

It is fundamental to us that we stick to a sustainable as well as authentic path in choosing our partners and collaborating with them. We exclusively cooperate with partners that are interested in clean and sustainable activities and highlight this in their business philosophy and policies, as well.

Our partner Austrian Surfing, the official Austrian Surfing Association, has become the most sustainably acting surfing association in the world, and our partner Surf School Alliance is setting new standards in sustainable tourism!

Health, Awareness & Empowerment

Sports can be an important element when it comes to awareness & empowerment: We "feel ourselves", we feel alive and ready for actions in the moment, we can break down anger and build up confidence. The right training can - in connection with healthy, organic nutrition - be the road to health, fitness and empowerment. Especially efficient self defense is the key to self-confidence and empowerment!

Only empowered people are able to master the challenges our world is facing these days, stand up against injustice, become a counterbalance against those people and systems / dynamics endangering our future, and thus co-create a fair world in balance!

Honesty, Transparency & Consequence

At Ridehere-Ridenow, our philosophy stands at the basis of all our activities. If something is completely going against our principles, we won’t do it – it’s as easy as that. Honesty, transparency and consequence matter to us, and we are not afraid to cover uncomfortable, controversial and sensitive topics.

We would be happy to present our accomplishments to you. For information on how to contact us, please visit our contact page.